Pardon Our Appearance – Under Construction

Hello Everyone & Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share some wonderful news – Michelle Elaine Weddings is now a corporation!!! Therefore we are now proudly running under the name ‘Michelle Elaine Weddings Inc.!’

With that, we are in the process of re-designing this entire blog with Noirve. So you will not see many updates over the next month to six weeks.

We thank you so much for your patience & can’t wait to re-launch the new and improved blog!

Please stay tuned & have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Kindest Regards,

Michelle E.

Founder & Owner of Michelle Elaine Weddings Inc.

What Does an NYC Wedding Really Cost?!

Time and time again, we receive inquires from prospective brides with extremely unrealistic budgets.

Brides will inquire for MEW’s ‘Full Service Wedding Planning’ with a total wedding budget of $10 – $15,000 . . . on top of the fact that they would like to accommodate 200+ guests, and to really top it off, in one of the greatest cities in the world — New York City!

Trust owner Michelle Elaine, if she had the capabilities to pull fabulous weddings out of a magical hat, then your wish would be granted, but unfortunately, everything costs money, regardless of simplicity or extravagance.

AND, when you want your wedding in New York City, the only option is extravagance!

Please click the image below to view the Michelle Elaine Weddings feature on The Every Last Detail Blog for “What Weddings REALLY Cost!?” . . .

MEW: a chosen vendor!

I am VERY excited to announce that

 Michelle Elaine Weddings

is one of the ELD’s chosen vendors!!!


{please click the image below to view our full listing}

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Miranda & Doug are here to help me say THANK YOU!!! — We reached 200+ followers on Pinterest! — Michelle Elaine Weddings is nothing without her clients and fans! — You are all so greatly appreciated!!! thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

{Photo Courtesy of Erika Layne Photography}

New York Times Fashion + Style!

Had an exciting treat delivered via email tonight! I had NO idea that I was in the New York Times Fashion & Style for the NYC Marathon!  Thanks to a friend, this is what was found & I am SO excited to share it with all of you!!!

My 5:31:21 finish time was too slow for the paper but happy that my marathon fashions made it online! 😉

New Facebook Accessories!

Thank You Noirve for the beautiful new Facebook tabs!

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New + Improved + Beautiful

These are the words to describe my brand, spanking new website!

BIG shout out to Vanessa of Noirve for the gorgeous, updated design & logo!

Happy 2nd Birthday M.E.W. !!!

Michelle Elaine Weddings turns TWO today!

I am SO proud, thankful, grateful and ecstatic to share this moment with everyone!

I started my business just two years after graduating from college, with my laptop, an apartment shared with three other girls {yes it was exactly like a sorority house, just more fun, I think!}, a bedroom that could barely fit “my office”/twin bed,  laptop sitting on top of my printer {acting as a desk} trying to get things done! If that scenario didn’t stop me, you can imagine I’m never one to give up!

I had always dreamt of making a name for myself here in New York City and that is exactly what I did! M.E.W. is only two today but this just means so many more years of success, hard work, great times, a lot of laughs and sometimes tears {but usually happy ones!}

Thank YOU to everyone . . . clients past and present, vendors and fellow planners who always recommend me, friends and family who support everything that I do!!!

Wishing for another year of success!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!


I want to take a moment to wish ALL of the mothers and mother’s to-be of the world a very Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom has been, and always will be there, by my side supporting every and any decision that I make . . .

Though she doesn’t always agree with every decision, she still encourages me to follow my dreams . . .

If anything ever fails, she is right there to pick me up, dust me off and send me back out . . . because she believes in me and hey, I’m a mini version of her so she knows I can do anything I set my mind to. I’ve grown up a strong woman just like my mom 🙂

Also, a shout out of love to my sister who is just over 4 months pregnant with her first baby!

MIT = Mother In Training 🙂

She is the greatest sister that anyone could ever ask for and will be an even more incredible mom in just a few short months!




Everlasting Love . . .

Joe & Angela, my brother in-law’s parents, have been married for almost 43 years! You would never know it because they act like two teenagers in puppy love! I was so curious as to HOW they make their love and marriage work so well!

I set up a little Q & A with them and had so much fun listening to their stories, strifes and successes together as a couple!

Enjoy & perhaps we can all learn a thing or two!

How Many Years Have You Been Married?

Angela: 42 and 3/4 years!

Joe: Yep, almost 43 years!

When & How Did You Meet?

Angela: June 16th 1967 at 10pm in Lindenhurst, I was going to meet my best girlfriend (who was also Joe’s sister).

Joe: My sister dragged me out to have fun and we sat next to each other in the back seat.

Angela: And I completely ignored him!

{both laughing}

Joe: By the end of the night I knew there was something special about her.

Angela: Yeah, he walked me to my car, patted me on my hiney & smacked a great big kiss on my lips!

Joe: She was just so cute!

Did You Know That He/She Was “The One?”

Joe & Angela: Oh yes!

How Did You Know?

Angela: I had made a nice picnic basket full of Italian food and we took a trip out to Wildwood.

Joe: I had told her that night that I don’t think this is going anywhere but friendship . . . I was lying of course.

Angela: We were driving back down the highway going home and Joe turned to me and said “I bet you can’t guess what I want right now?” and I said to him “Clams on the half shell and a beer.”

{both laughing}

Joe & Angela: At that moment we realized we both knew what each other wanted and we knew we were meant to be together.

*Joe had asked Angela to marry him Christmas day 1967.

Angela: I was “pinned” because we couldn’t afford a ring.

Joe: It was my fraternity pin, that’s what they did back then.

How Much Did The Wedding Cost?

Joe & Angela: Ha! I think $3,000! That was expensive then!

Angela: I made $75 a week and had to work two jobs just to pay for the wedding!

How Would You Characterize Communication With Each Other?

Angela: Great!

Joe: Communication is one of the most important things, If you can’t talk to one another you won’t get anywhere.

How Do You Resolve Conflicts?

Joe: We discuss them and don’t always agree, we may argue. Arguments can sometimes be destructive but also productive. Make arguments productive, don’t tear each other down, no finger pointing. . .

Angela: Agree to disagree, it’s ok to disagree, if you have a good foundation you’ll get through it.

Joe: Always kiss and make up at bedtime, don’t go to bed mad.

Angela: This one time, I was so angry with him that I went to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room, I said to myself “If he doesn’t come out here he must not really love me!” . . .and he did come out. . .

Joe & Angela: We both slept on the sofa bed that night! {laughing}

How Do You Compromise & Come To A Decision?

Joe: Everybody expects relationships to be 50/50 but it’s usually 90/10.

Angela: Yes, if you really love that person, depending on the situation you will back down. Your partner must be willing to switch as well because sometimes it’s your turn.

What Is The Greatest Struggle You Have Been Through & How Did You Get Through It?

Angela: Money!

Joe: We disagreed a lot when it came to money, I was always very frugal and she would like to spend.

Angela: I would always get upset because the old saying was “When money problems come, love goes out the window” and it isn’t true. If you have a solid foundation you can work together through anything, you can get help, go to an elder person with experience who can guide you.

Joe: You don’t ever give up, what’s that saying . . . “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Describe What Changes You Have Seen In Your Marriage Over The Years.

Angela: We’ve gotten calmer.

Joe: Yes, well we’ve learned to accept one another’s differences and grown together.

Angela: After a while of being together for so long you start to turn into one another and have role reversal. My kids would say”Mom when did you switch with dad!” when I would be penny pinching. {laughing}

Joe: There is a great part in the book The Profit saying that love is like a suspension bridge with the two pillars standing apart independently but yet they are joined, it’s like two personalities woven together.

Angela: You truly become one.

Pick One Area Of Your Marriage Where You Have Had Problems & Explain How You Solved Those Problems & Overcame Them.

Angela: His long hours at work, I was always left home with the kids. Plus he traveled constantly, he’d be home for a few days and then back out again. It was tough.

Joe: I worked for the big computer companies doing engineering. It did put our marriage in a bit of jeopardy but I had to take my job first sometimes in order to provide for my family. People were being laid off constantly and I was thankful to have work!

Angela: There really was no way of solving it, he needed the job to keep the kids fed and the house over our head. I did learn to become more independent, to stand on my own two feet because I had no other choice.

Joe: She couldn’t work because of her heart condition and we needed the medical insurance too. We both knew this was what we had to do to live.

How Do You Communicate That You Are Dissatisfied With One Another?

Angela: Usually he’ll just make a face at me but I get quiet and short.

Joe: Yes, that’s how I know something is wrong!

Angela: I like to calm down first, it’s important to allow your partner to blow off steam.

Joe: If you can imagine approaching a female tiger don’t approach when her claws are out and she’s all rattled!

Angela: Don’t sugar coat the bad stuff, just say it like it is!

Were You Ever Afraid That Your Marriage Would Fail?

Joe: No, I never felt that it would fail. I did feel it was in jeopardy a few times and was always afraid that she would run out on me. I always knew she loved me enough to come back though all the times she’d jump in the car and drive off.

Angela: Yes, in my pajamas! . . . With his long hours and traveling I was always worried that he would find someone younger and smarter than me. Nothing that he had ever done, I was just always insecure about it.

Joe: Marriage is something that you must work on everyday and don’t ever stop.

How Did You Get Through Disagreements When It Came To The Kids?

Joe & Angela: Oh gosh, we always disagreed!

Angela: Joe was always too strict.

Joe: And she would always try to defend them. Angela’s father hit her when she was a child and my father as well so it’s what I grew up with knowing.

Angela: We would fight and disagree but most fights ended up with laughter. You really just need to always communicate whether you agree or not.

Do You Feel That Your Marriage Has Grown Over The Years? How?

Angela: I think we’re more compatible now.

Joe: Yes, we’ve learned to co-exist with one another. Couples can’t think that this all just happens over night. It takes time, years and you never stop working at it.

Angela: Agreeing to disagree is great, you don’t need to split up just because you don’t agree on something, there will be a lot you won’t agree on!

Joe & Angela: You learn to accept each other’s differences in spite of it all.

What Is Your Number One Tip For Newlyweds & Couples Considering Marriage?

Angela: Communication, communication and communication!!!

Joe: Also, flexibility, compromise and actively listening to each other.