Goodbye 2013 . . . Hello 2014!

As I reflect on 2013 and look forward at 2014 I can’t help but be proud, happy & excited with tears {of joy} in my eyes! Michelle Elaine Weddings has come SO far since 2011 and it is just proof that when you want something so bad and work very, very hard for it, that your dreams will eventually become reality!

Starting my own business & working for myself has been a blessing, but it wouldn’t ever be a blessing without me behind it! Not to “toot my own horn” but I’ve had many a sleepless nights, cried many tears, lifted, carried and transported items that weigh more than I do, amidst a LONG list of insane tasks/projects I’ve put myself through to ensure perfection on each couples special day . . . it’s been a rough road but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world!

If you want to own a business & put your name in lights then you must be three things: Passionate, Hard Working and Dedicated!

Happy 2014 everyone! Please enjoy some of my favorite moments & the kind words of success from 2013!!!

“Absolutely wonderful experience with Michelle!”
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“THE BEST planner! PERIOD!”
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“LOVES what she does!”
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“EXTREMELY responsive!”
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“Comforts you!”
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“A tremendous asset!”
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Mason Jar Holiday Treats = DIY :)

I wanted to share my Mason Jar Holiday Treat that I DIY’d for my family! I hope that you enjoy & try it on your own as well! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!!!

What you will need for decor:

Mason jars, red velvet fabric, gray ribbon, ivory card-stock, white paint, small sponge brush, silver glitter, snowflake stencil,  scissors, 1-hole punch

What you will need for inside recipe:

1 cup of popcorn kernels

1/4 cup of oil

1 – 12oz. bag of semi sweet morsels

1/4 cup of milk

1 stick of butter

1 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of heavy cream

Red & green sprinkles


Air pop your popcorn with the kernels and oil. Once popped, skim through to be sure that there are NO un-popped kernels. Lay all popcorn onto two large cookie sheets. Next, mix your chocolate chips and milk into a small pot to make your chocolate sauce. Pour that chocolate sauce all over your popcorn. Now heat & mix your butter, heavy cream and sugar into a pot. Once the sugar has completely melted just whisk all of the ingredients a few times and let cool. After 10 minutes whisk again and the sauce should be a thicker caramel but not too thick. Take this sauce and pour it all over your popcorn as well. Then take a large, flat, spoon to mix all of your ingredients together {popcorn with drizzled chocolate and caramel sauce}. Once everything has been mixed flatten out your popcorn to cover the entire cookie sheet again and sprinkle your red and green sprinkles! Throw in the refrigerator for one hour. When you take this out it will be ooey, gooey, amazingness that your family will love to eat!!!

Pop into these festive looking mason jars topped with red velvet, like from Santa’s suit. Tie your ribbon around with your snowflake label and this is the gift that keeps on giving! Your giftee can use the mason jar as a modern day, rustic chic candle holder for after the holidays!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!

Happy Holidays from Michelle Elaine Weddings

As the MEW office winds down, getting ready to see family & friends, I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy & safe holiday and a fantastically amazing new year!!!

As the owner & founder of Michelle Elaine Weddings, I am beyond ecstatic regarding the successes of 2013 & very much look forward to all that is waiting in 2014! Cheers!

oxo Michelle Elaine

MEW Holiday Card 2013

Holiday Card Designed By: Andrew Meissner

It’s The Holiday Season So Whoop De Do!


Jingle Bells, Lighting the Menorah, Cold Winter Nights, Warm Cocoa and . . . HOLIDAY PARTIES!!!

It’s already the middle of November & if you haven’t begun your holiday party plans then you need to! OR call me to plan for you!

The venue, caterer, florist, entertainment, photographer, decor, guest list, etc. . . . it can all become very overwhelming, especially with a limited amount of time!

There will be no holiday party unplanned!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime to begin planning the perfect Holiday and/or New Years Eve event:


p: 631.902.9504

w: Michelle Elaine Weddings