Goodbye 2013 . . . Hello 2014!

As I reflect on 2013 and look forward at 2014 I can’t help but be proud, happy & excited with tears {of joy} in my eyes! Michelle Elaine Weddings has come SO far since 2011 and it is just proof that when you want something so bad and work very, very hard for it, that your dreams will eventually become reality!

Starting my own business & working for myself has been a blessing, but it wouldn’t ever be a blessing without me behind it! Not to “toot my own horn” but I’ve had many a sleepless nights, cried many tears, lifted, carried and transported items that weigh more than I do, amidst a LONG list of insane tasks/projects I’ve put myself through to ensure perfection on each couples special day . . . it’s been a rough road but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world!

If you want to own a business & put your name in lights then you must be three things: Passionate, Hard Working and Dedicated!

Happy 2014 everyone! Please enjoy some of my favorite moments & the kind words of success from 2013!!!

“Absolutely wonderful experience with Michelle!”
{Photo Courtesy of Brett Matthews Photography}

“THE BEST planner! PERIOD!”
{Photo Courtesy of Vlad Barry Photography}

“LOVES what she does!”
{Photo Courtesy of Heartfelt Foto}

“EXTREMELY responsive!”
{Photo Courtesy of Alex Z Photography}

{Photo Courtesy of Erika Layne Photography}

“Comforts you!”
{Photo Courtesy of Le Image}

“A tremendous asset!”
Photo Courtesy of Belathée Photography





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